Construction Begins on Four-Story JAMF Riverfront Building


Posted: August 23, 2013

Visitors to the Phoenix Park area are seeing some changes to the landscape as workers are getting a site ready for JAMF Software. Work began for the four-story, 72,000 square foot, JAMF Riverfront Building immediately after a groundbreaking ceremony August 14.

"Many things had to fall into place in order to get us to where we are today and we have a lot of people to thank for helping us get here," said Project Specialist for JAMF Software, Julia Johnson.  

For the last ten years the site had been used by Royal Credit Union as a parking lot. Other sites were considered before developer Stuart Schaefer, President of Commonweal Development Corporation, suggested talking with RCU about the potential of using the lot intended for their second building here," said Project Specialist for JAMF Software, Julia Johnson.

"RCU has been incredible to work with, from agreeing to have us as a neighbor and financing the building to putting up with the headaches of construction and new parking arrangements," Johnson said. "Their dedication to downtown redevelopment and the community is incredible."

The building was also made possible by a development agreement with the City of Eau Claire, which will provide a parking area until a parking ramp or other public parking is available in the North Barstow area. The agreement also provides $300,000 for soil remediation of the site, which has a long and varied history of manufacturing industry. The building is guaranteed to add $7 million upon completion and $8.5 million for 2015 to the tax base for Tax Incremental Funding District 8, Downtown Development Area. 

Johnson said the company's values will be evident throughout the building. Wanting to show employee appreciation, the floor plan allows for all employees to have great views of the park with a shared 2,500 square foot space on the top floor, and all workstations are near exterior windows. Johnson said accountability is also important to the company, and that's reflected by the building's energy efficient design. Water bottle fillers, LED light fixtures with daylighting controls, waterless urinals, and locally sourced materials add to the building's environmentally friendly design.

There will also be indoor bike storage, locker rooms, and an outdoor tire filling station for people who bike to work or exercise throughout the day. The tire filling station will also be accessible by park goers for tires or tubes.

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