Why Eau Claire?

Local Taxes

In comparison to the rest of the nation, Eau Claire has long been known for its low taxes.

Eau Claire's Taxation

Corporate Income Tax 7.90%
Sales Tax 5.50%
Property Tax $21.855/$1,000
Unemployment Insurance Tax 0.27%-9.80%
New Employers Unemployment Compensation 3.6% to 4.1%

Side by Side State Tax Comparison

Corporate Income Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois
Base: Net Income Net Income Net Income
Rate: 7.9% Flat Rate (plus a recycling surcharge equal to 3% for corporations with at least $4 million in gross receipts. Minimum surcharge $25; maximum $9,800). 9.8% (Plus a 5.8% tax on any alternative minimum taxable income over the base tax). 9.5% flat rate (7% corporate tax plus a personal property replacement tax of 2.5%).
Apportionment: 100% sales 96% sales, 2% Property, and 2% Payroll. They are phasing in a single sales factor which will reach 100% by 2014. 100% sales
Personal Income Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois
Rate: 4.60% to 7.75% based on level of income 5.35% - 7.85% based on level of income 5% flat tax rate
Property Tax Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois
Base: Real property and tangible personal property (exemptions for machinery and equipment used in manufacturing, merchant and farm inventories, and computer hardware and software. Real property and a few select types of personal property, e.g. certain electric generating and transmission equipment. Real Property
Statewide Average Rate: Excluding Milwaukee County, estimated at $20.12 per $1,000 of full value. Rate for property in Milwaukee County is estimated at $26.20 per $1,000 of full value. The rate is estimated at $33 per $1,000 of full value for commercial-industrial property. Excluding Cook County, estimated at $20.00 to $30.00 per $1,000 of full value for commercial and non-commercial property. Cook County average commercial/industrial rate is estimated at $60.00 to $100.00 per $1,000 of full value.
Sales Taxes Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois
State Rate: 5.000% 6.875% 6.250%
Average Local Option Rate: 0.500% 0.340% 0.25% to 3.00%
Combined Rates: 5.500% 7.220% 6.25% to 9.25%
Unemployment Compensation Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois
Base: $13,000 $28,000 $13,560
Rate: 0.27% to 9.8% 0.5% to 9.4% 0.70% to 8.4%
New Employers: 3.6% to 4.1% 2.91% 3.80%

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