Locate your business to Eau Claire, WI

Whether you’ve heard about this Northwestern Wisconsin business hub or not, it’s time you take a closer look. Businesses like Nestle, JAMF, Silver Spring Foods, and Mayo Health Clinic are a few of the many who decided this area was the right place to establish themselves. 

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Access to a quality, hardworking talent pool through two educational institutions 
  • A beautiful landscape that offers endless recreational opportunities in all four seasons
  • Thriving arts and music scene that is unique to the area
  • Cost of living is low while the quality of life is high

City of Eau Claire Development Videos

Eau Claire, Wisconsin always has several developments going on in our two business/industrial parks, revitalized downtown, and throughout the entire city. Here are some of the more recent projects. To watch more videos, see the City of Eau Claire Economic Development YouTube Channel

Eau Claire Business & Community Overview