City of Eau Claire, WI in Numbers

No matter which way you add, subtract, divide or multiply the numbers, Eau Claire's statistics always look good in comparison to other cities within the state and throughout the nation.

Eau Claire At-A-Glance

Actual City Population (2019): 70,157
Unemployment Rate (EC MSA 2019): 3.1%
Per Capita Income (2019): $27,725
Median Family Income (2019): $51,774
Median Age: 31.3
Higher Education Institutions: 3
Major Hospitals: 3
Golf Courses: 6
Median Home Price (Owner Occupied, 2019): $155,170
Hotel Rooms: 1,830

Sources: Esri Community Analytics Software, Community Profile Reprot, 2019 sourced form the U.S. Census Bureau