North Barstow Redevelopment District

DEADLINE: Proposals Are Due for the Block 7 & Liner Site on September 28, 2018 at 12:00pm Interested parties shall submit proposals electronically to Mike Schatz at You may also call 715-839-4914 with questions.

The North Barstow Redevelopment District was established in March of 2002 in order to eliminate inappropriate land use, deteriorated and obsolete structures, and to improve the environment, encourage economic activity, and reduce fragmented land ownership. Special Design Guidelines for North Barstow Redevelopment District (pdf) were developed to guarantee a unified look of the district.

The North Barstow Redevelopment District has attracted a lot of attention from residents, visitors, and media alike. The area includes Phoenix Park, the Farmer's Market pavillion, Royal Credit Union Corporate Headquarters, Jamf Software, Riverfront Terrace Apartments, and the Phoenix Parkside mixed use development. Scores of additional small businesses, restaurants, and shops are also located in and around the district in the North Barstow/Medical Business Improvement District. 

Click here a map of the North Barstow Redevelopment District.