RDA Recap 5/16/18


Posted: May 16, 2018

The Redevelopment Authoirty (RDA) met on the morning of May 16, 2018 and took action on numerous items. First, Board recognized outgoing member David Klinkhammer for his service. The Board then elected officers for the year, including Mr. DeRosa as President, Dr. Kemp as Vice President, and Ms. Pedersen as Secretary.

In the Cannery Redevelopment District, the RDA approved the purchase of vacant land owned by Cigan Properties LP. This continues the RDA's acquisition of land in the District. The purchase acquires the northern vacant portion of parcel 09-0383, leaving the southern portion with buildings for a later date. 

The RDA also granted WiRED Properties a 90-day exclusive right to reach a purchase and development agreement of land on First Street in the Cannery Redevelopment District. The idea is based on the pocket neighborhood concept and features smaller detached single-family units around a community gathering space. The development would be adjacent to the planned community park in the Cannery District. The next steps include a community engagement process to help determine the preferred size, sytle, amenities, and other development features. See Monday's article on the proposal from the Leader-Telegram

Lastly, the RDA approved the placement of a Sculpture Tour piece on the site in front of the Parking Ramp in the North Barstow Redevelopment District.
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