Eau Claire Performs Well Above Average in State Comparison


Posted: August 23, 2012

Eau Claire County ranked 19th overall for 2012 Wisconsin County Health rankings according to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Eau Claire performed particularly well in clinical care ranking 5th among 72 total counties with 92% of the population receiving diabetic screenings, 80% of the population receiving mammography screenings, and a primary care provider ratio of 1:468.

Eau Claire also stood strong in social and economic factors at 12th among 72 total counties. The high school graduation rate for the county stands at 87%, the percentage of the population with some college education is 71%, and the violent crime rate is just 119 per 100,000 people.

While Eau Claire had strengths it also demonstrated distinct weaknesses in areas such as binge drinking, tobacco prevention efforts, child and adult obesity rates, health and wellness, land use policies, and proportion of fast food restaurants. By identifying and improving on these weaknesses Eau Claire County can increase its quality of life and the overall health of the community.


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