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Posted: September 16, 2008

Toni Hudzina is not your typical Eau Claire resident. For starters, Toni was not born and raised in the open fields of the Midwest region. Instead, Toni spent most of her life in the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. However, due to a transfer in her husband's company in 2004, Toni and her husband made the decision to leave the capital city and relocate to Eau Claire. While they loved D.C. area, Eau Claire seemed like the perfect place to get away from the traffic, pollution and high living costs of Washington. Says Toni in regards to why she feels Eau Claire is a place that allows her to relax and breathe, "the low crime rate is fabulous, it's nice to not have to always make sure there's not some sort of protest in town to avoid, you don't get stuck behind a diplomatic motorcade that is blocking traffic, or have to go through yet another metal detector or security check when you are entering a building."

Another factor that distinguishes Toni from the rest is that she is an Internet consultant who owns her own business, Applied Interfaces. Her business provides a range of services, from developing custom web sites for small and medium businesses, to more specialized services that improve certain aspects of the web site that the average person sees. Toni is a firm believer in making web sites that are logical for the intended target audience. That is to say, she makes her sites simple enough for those businesses not needing the cutting edge technology, which saves them on costs and allows them to maintain the site themselves. Along with all of this, Toni is an evangelist for web site accessibility to the handicapped and advocates the use of the Internet as a tool that every person should be able to use. When it comes to Toni, Eau Claire benefits not only from her expertise in web site development but from the fresh, outside perspective she brings.

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