Cannery District

West Bank (Oxford Avenue) Redevelopment District

The West Bank Redevelopment District, established in May 2008, is located north of Madison Street along the Chippewa River. The City of Eau Claire adopted the West Riverside District plan in 2011, which includes the 30-acre West Bank Redevelopment District. The plan makes recommendations on where redevelopment and public space should be located within the redevelopment district. The Redevelopment Authority continues to negotiate the purchase of property within the district. Two properties were acquired in 2012. Ten Maple Street was purchased from Jerry and Kathleen Evans. In addition, the building at 28 Maple Street was purchased from Chuck and Dale Gable. In mid-December 2012, the building was demolished after receiving a nearly $19,000 grant from the State’s Strategic Blight Elimination Program through WHEDA and the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

The RDA will also begin to consider how the newly acquired property should be used. Discussions on future agendas will include the possibilities of utilizing the waterfront and additional bike trails.

Click here a map of the West Bank Redevelopment District.