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Posted: September 22, 2008

Realityworks, Inc. is an example of how one innovative idea can catch on around the world. This invention-turned-successful-business-venture began in California in 1993. Rick and Mary Jurmain created a computerized "doll" to simulate the time and effort needed to care for a baby. The world's first infant simulator replaced rudimentary life skills classroom tools, such as eggs and sacks of flour, used to teach responsibility. Baby Think It Over ® was intended to provide a realistic experience that would deter teen pregnancy.

Jurmain Prototyping quickly turned into Baby Think It Over (and later BTIO Educational Products). Today, Realityworks, Inc. is a more fitting name for a company that provides realistic educational experiences to help people make healthy choices. The latest infant simulator -RealCare® Baby has wireless features that provide a more realistic infant care experience, skill-building and a detailed measurement of the caregiver's performance, including exact times. This, along with simulators depicting the consequences of child abuse, has expanded the market for Realityworks products beyond schools, into educational programs for social services, corrections and public health settings. An addiction education program uses similar technology to encourage healthy behavior among youth at risk for using tobacco products.

The Jurmains relocated to Eau Claire in 1996 for a better quality of life and an opportunity to grow the company in the area where Mary had spent most of her childhood. From this centralized U.S. location, Realityworks ships products to more than 35 countries of the world. The Midwestern work ethic, local talent pool, and a peaceful setting near metropolitan resources make Eau Claire an ideal location to grow a progressive business and offer an exceptional quality of life for employees.

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