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Posted: September 20, 2008

Founded in 1965, Hutchinson Technology has grown from a start-up operation housed in a chicken coop to a global company with over 4,700 employees. Headquartered in Hutchinson, Minnesota, the company is regarded as a technology leader in the industry and as a premier precision manufacturer.

The company's Disk Drive Components Division is the world's leading supplier of suspension assemblies for disk drives. Suspension assemblies are precise electro-mechanical components that hold a disk drive's recording head at microscopic distances above the disk.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin was selected as the location for the company's third manufacturing site in 1995. A 156,000 square foot building was constructed and production began in December 1995. Since then, the Eau Claire plant has expanded to over 850,000 square feet, making it the company's largest manufacturing facility. Over 1,400 employees, including production operators, engineers, technicians, toolmakers/machinists and other support staff are part of the Eau Claire team. The location was selected in part for the larger labor market with well-skilled workers for the company's industry. The proximity to their headquarters in Hutchinson was also a key selling point for the company, along with the post-secondary education facilities. Favorable tax environment, water and sewer capacity, competitive utility rate structure, and good transportation made Eau Claire the perfect location.

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