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Posted: September 19, 2008

HSG Innovating Claims Management is one of the largest and most unique Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in the insurance industry - providing auto glass and property claims solutions for insurance and fleet customers. At HSG, they operate 24/7/365 to provide the solutions that their customers demand.

A little over a year ago, Harmon Solutions Group added CodeBlue as an added feature to their already growing atmosphere in Downtown Eau Claire. HSG | Code Blue was built to manage and help faster and most efficient proceeding of insurance claims. HSG | CodeBlue is an unprecedented innovation in insurance claims processing as it is the industry's largest databases of vendors, an advanced online system of researching billions of products, a strategic relationship with the major manufacturers, a proprietary E-commerce tools, and proactive in utilizing the industry's newest service strategies and technologies.

This innovative insurance company was originally headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota but after conducting market surveys on the best environment for a business of their nature, they moved their headquarters to the better-suited Eau Claire. Not only did they find a location with relatively little natural disasters, they found a workforce that would help them achieve and maintain high level of customer service. They discovered that the employees they hired from Eau Claire were genuine, hardworking, and committed to their customers, rather than their paychecks. The company also became easily engaged in the community, finding it to be a highly involved place where both public and private partnerships were readily made. HSG has seen positive results from the move to Eau Claire.

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