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AddressAreaSize (SF)Sale/Lease termsUse 
1001 Menomonie StDowntown3,000 - 14,000Lease:  Details
1037 N Hastings WayCity1,400Lease: $10/sfRetail/Office Details
1201 S Hastings Way56,145Lease:  Details
1305 Menomonie StCity2,400Sale: 399,000Retail Details
1305 Woodland AveCity12,068Sale: 328,500Office/Retail Details
131 S Barstow StreetDowntown594 - 3,100Lease: $12/sfOffice Details
1310 W Clairemont AveCity1,622Lease: NegotiableOffice Details
1310 W Clairemont AveCity5,000Sale: NegotiableOffice Details
1317 Menomonie StCity3,400Sale: 299,000 Details
1320 W Clairemont AveCity15,623Sale: $795,000office Details
1324 W Clairemont AveCity1,032Lease: $11.50/sfOffice Details
1416 S Hastings Way1,012Lease:  Details
14171431 S Hastings WayCity0 - 40,530Sale: $3,000,000 Details
1420 Fairfax St1,400Lease: 4.24 Details
1502 Black Ave2.06 acSale: NegotiableCommercial, Retail, Office Details
1504 Black Ave2.06 acSale: NegotiableCommercial, Retail, Office Details
1514 S Hastings Way1,463Lease: Negotiable Details
1606 S Hastings WayCity1,100Lease: 9.82 Details
1701 S Hastings WayCity1,914Lease: Negotiableretail Details
1708 Westgate Rd, Ste 201City985Lease: $655/monthOffice Details
1708 Westgate Rd, Ste 202City960Lease: $640/monthOffice Details
1708 Westgate Rd, Ste 204City400Lease: $270/monthOffice Details
1709 Black AvenueFlexible acSale: NegotiableCommercial, Retail, Office Details
1806 Heimstead RdCity1,325Lease: NegotiableMixed Use: Office/Retail/Warehouse Details
1813 Brackett AveCity3,795Sale: $237,000Commercial Office/Retail Details
1813 Brackett AveCity850 - 2,900Lease: NegotiableCommercial Office/Retail Details
1819 Brackett AveCity1,500Lease: NegotiableCommercial Details
1903 Keith StreetCity1,238Lease: $16/SFOffice Details
1907 Brackett AveCity560Sale: $99,900restaurant Details
1945 Prairie LaneCity38,888Lease: $5.55/sfDistribution Center Details
2000 N Oxford Ave - Bldg 1Downtown820Lease: $515/monthOffice Details
2000 N Oxford Ave - Bldg 2Downtown500Lease: $375/monthOffice Details
2004 Highland AveCity1,120 - 4,700Lease: $12.50/SFOffice Details
202 Eau Claire StDowntown1,782 - 33,704Lease: Retail Details
203 E Madison StDowntown acLease: $22/SFVacant Land: Retail Details
2112 S Hastings Way1,800Lease:  Details
2113 & 2119 Brackett AveCity acSale: $295,000.00 Details
215 S Dewey StDowntown4,658 - 9,316Lease: $5.00/sfWarehouse Space Details
216 Pinnacle WayCity435 - 7,512Lease: Office Details
2215 S Fairfax StCity1,137Lease: NegotiableRetail/Office Details
2221 Highland AvenueCity468 - 15,000Lease: Retail and Office Space Details
2424 E Clairemont Ave90,000 - 120,000Lease:  Details
2445 Alpine RdCity20,000 - 28,000Lease: Manufacturing/Office Details
2452 Truax BlvdCity3,000 - 12,000Lease: $10.75/SFLight Industrial / Commercial Details
2510 Alpine RoadCity1,310 - 5,038Lease: Office Details
2517 Truax BlvdCity5,760Sale: $550,000Commercial/Industrial Details
2520 Mall DriveCity20,000Lease: NegotiableRetail Details
2615 London RdCity acSale: 145,000Retail Details
2637 N Clairemont AvenueCity7,000 - 10,000Lease: 9$/sfOffice/Retail Details
2645 Harlem StCity5,346Lease: $395/monthOffice Details
2728 Davey StreetCity14,400 - 14,700Lease: Industrial/Manufacturing Details
2734 Mall Drive2,575Lease: 13/sq.ft. Details
2734 Mall Drive0 - 1,118Lease: 14/sq.ft. Details
2734 Mall Drive2,430Lease: 13/sq.ft. Details
2741 N Clairemont Ave1,500 - 1,834Lease: $15.00 Details
2810 Mondovi RdCity200Lease: $60-65/mMini Storage Details
2834 N Clairemont AveCity1,200 - 2,800Lease: Retail Details
2908 E Clairemont AveCity.54 acSale: 369,000 Details
2930 Craig RdCity1.16 acSale: 550,000 Details
3015 E Clairemont AveCity12,000Sale: $1,195,000Retail Details
3015 E Hamilton AveCity56,040Sale: 4,726,150Retail Details
3041 Melby StCity4,614Lease: 2,700/month Details
306 S Barstow StDowntown17,000 - 21,000Lease: Flexible Office and Retail Details
306 S. Barstow StDowntown7,936Lease: 3,130Office/Retail Details
307 S Farwell St, Ste 202Downtown902Lease: $825/monthOffice Details
312 S Barstow StDowntown3,500 - 8,636Lease: Office Details
320 Putnam St, Ste 115/116Downtown1,755Lease: $835/monthWarehouse Details
3213 Louis AveCity3,220 - 12,500Lease: $5.00/sq. fot plus useageOffice Details
331 E Riverfront TerraceDowntown1,074Lease: $14.80/sfRetail Details
331 Putnam StreetDowntown7,500Lease: $2,345/monthOffice/Warehouse Details
3345 State Road 93City1,500Lease: Office Details
3400 White AvenueCity1,000 - 30,000Lease: $0.18/sq. ft.Industrial-Warehouse Details
3405 Truax CtCity10,000Lease: $5.25/SFWarehouse/Showroom/Office Details
3410 Oakwood Mall DriveCity2,340 - 3,634Lease: Negotiableoffice Details
3603 N Hastings Way Suite 100 BCity1,503Lease: $12.00Office Details
3610 Oakwood Mall DrCity576 - 4,200Lease: VariousOffice Details
3615 N Hastings Way Suite 200ACity1,844Lease: $12.00Office Details
3615 N Hastings Way Suite 300City1,696Lease: $6.00Office Details
3635 N Hastings WayCity760 - 2,700Lease: 10/sfOffice Details
3840 E Melby StCity0.4 acSale: 69,900Vacant Commercial Details
3876 E Melby StCity0.4 acSale: 64,900Vacant Commercial Details
3912 E Melby StCity0.45 acSale: 139,900Commercial Details
402 Graham AvenueDowntown927 - 1,890Lease: $15.00/SFoffice Details
404 S Barstow StDowntown1,855Lease: 1550/monthOffice/Retail Details
404 S Barstow StDowntown2,800Lease: 1550/monthOffice/Retail Details
4055 Michaud StCity1.27 acSale: 129,900Vacant Commercial Details
4106 Oakwood Hills PkwyCity2,262Lease: Office Details
4112 Oakwood Hills PkwyCity3,216Lease: Office Details
4138 Commonwealth AvenueCity4,655Lease: $14.00 - $16.00/SFRetail Details
414 N Farwell StDowntown2,520Sale: 175,000 Details
4223 Jeffers RdCity2+ acSale: $259,900Commercial/Multi-Family Details
4319 Jeffers Road - Lot 21.86 acSale: $199,750Vacant Land Details
4605 London RdCity1,500 - 5,200Lease: $12.00/sfOffice Details
4643 Anderson DrCity4,080 - 12,240Sale: $270,000 Details
4689 Keystone CrossingCity1,740Lease: 6.00 Details
4955 Bullis Farm RdCity acSale: 5/sf Details
505 S Barstow St, Ste BDowntown4,000Lease: $2,500/monthRetail/Office Details
505 S Dewey St, Ste 108Downtown440Lease: $405/monthOffice Details
505 S Dewey St, Ste 202Downtown320Lease: $325/monthOffice Details
505 S Dewey St, Ste 206Downtown590Lease: $540/monthOffice Details
505 S Dewey St, Ste 212Downtown480Lease: $440/monthOffice Details
508 Water StDowntown2,150Lease: $1,700/monthRetail Details
5149 Old Mill PlazaCity1,872Lease: $9/SqftOffice/Commercial Details
515 E Clairemont AvenueCity2,140Lease: Call for detailsRetail Details
604 Galloway StDowntown0 - 500Lease: variesOffice Details
623 E Clairemont AveCity1,740Sale: $350,000restaurant Details
6440 Scully DrCity17.4 acLease: Vacant Land: Office/Retail Details
719 W Hamilton AveCity2,124 - 6,668Lease: MultipleOffice/Medical Details
800 Wisconsin St - Bldg 13 - Ste 25Downtown2,060Lease: $1,030/moService Details
800 Wisconsin St - Bldg 13 - Ste 27Downtown1,290Lease: $645/moService Details
800 Wisconsin St - Bldg 13 - Ste 29Downtown1,460Lease: $730/moService Details
800 Wisconsin St - Bldg 2 - Ste 210Downtown3,185Lease: $985/monthRestaurant Details
800 Wisconsin St - Bldg 2 - Ste 407Downtown575Lease: $550/monthOffice Details
800 Wisconsin St - Bldg 2 - Ste 420IDowntown310Lease: $330/month Details
800 Wisconsin St - Bldg 2 - Ste 420KDowntown280Lease: $290/month Details
800 Wisconsin St, Bldg 2 Ste 314280Lease: $275/monthOffice Details
800 Wisconsin St., Bldg 2, Ste 417Downtown345Lease: $320/mo (1 year min)office Details
800 Wisconsin St., Bldg 2, Ste 420BDowntown270Lease: $290/mo, 1 year minOffice Details
805 S Hastings WayCity acSale: $600,000Vacant: Retail/Office Details
824 S Hastings WayCity2,391 - 4,782Sale: $250,000
Lease: $12/SF
Office Details
913 and 917 S Hastings WayCity1,450 - 3,100Lease: $12.00 Details
Anderson DrCity14.74 acSale: $515,000.00Industrial land Details
Commonwealth Ave4,655Lease:  Details
Gateway Business Park - County Line RdCity141 acSale: $35,000 per acreindustrial land Details
Gateway Business Park - County Line RdCity5-18 acSale: $35,000 per acreindustrial land Details
Gateway Business Park - Prospect DrCity8.5-10 acSale: $35,000 per acreIndustrial Land Details
Gateway Business Park - Venture DrCity4.9 acSale: $35,000 per acreIndustrial Land Details
Golf Rd and Commonwealth AveCity1,200Lease: 16.00 NNN Details
Golf Rd and Commonwealth AveCity4,700Lease: $16.00 NNN Details
Gooder StreetCity acLease:  Details
London Road & Henry StreetCity0.21 acSale: 145,000Pad Site Details
Mercantile Drive, Lot 11.9 acSale: $293,000Vacant Lot: Retail/Office Details
NW corner of Epiphany Lane and Folsom StreetCity2.074 acSale: negotiable
Lease: negotiable
vacant land Details
Shopko PlazaCity850 - 4,500Lease: NegotiableRetail Details
Sky Park - International DriveCity.8 - 6.7 acSale: $22,500 per acreindustrial land Details
Sky Park - West Hamilton AveCity4.6 acSale: $22,500 per acreIndustrial/Light Manufacturing Details
SW Corner of Truax Blvd and Epiphany LaneCity3 acSale: negotiable
Lease: negotiable
vacant land Details
West Ridge Village - Kane RdCity8.7 acSale: $405,700Vacant Land Details
West Ridge Village - Mill Run RdCity1.61 acSale: $210,000Vacant Land Details
West Ridge Village - Renee DrCity13.79 acSale: $860,000Vacant Land Details
West Ridge Village - Stonewood DrCity4.01 acSale: $305,000Vacant Land Details
West side of N Clairemont Ave - Vacant LandCity20,000 - 80,000Sale: negotiable
Lease: negotiable
vacant land Details

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